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CAD — I don’t think BOC hikes this time – most of the move away from 1. I have been trading longer than most and the best endorsement I can give is that I cannot trade without the Amazing Trader. I suggest taking a look at what others are saying and then decide for yourself. The Fed deliberately created the “Everything Bubble” so that it could be deliberately imploded at the proper time – in other words, the crash we have been witnessing so far during the final quarter of 2018 and continuing into 2019 is a controlled demolition of the economy. Jerome Powell is not some “rebel” going against the easy money dictates of the Fed. Jerome Powell is playing the role that has been given to him.

Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen’s job was to inflate the bubble. This process of controlled demolition needs a considerable distraction so that the central banks and the globalists ultimately avoid blame for the painful consequences of the event. Enter Donald Trump and the false Trump vs. The movement, which began as a protest against a fuel tax, evolved into a general movement against the Macron administration. France is notably the most taxed country in the world. Fed Tax rate on the 60 Minutes show tomorrow.

25 percent between January and October. But with the books closed on 2018, the index ended the year down 21 percent. Index’s high and year’s close: Oct 3rd 2018 505. Either way the stocks lack a long-term value rationale. FED’s duty and mission is to take and keep away money from wrong hands. Looking at jerome’s Friday performance and market reaction evidence it would appear that, at least in round one, I was wrong about jerome as he blinked.

This is heartbreaking , most of these owners have no experience in the property market . I also had a house in the UK built in 1908 with led flashing around the eves and oak floors . Gold Coast because we couldn’t trust the builders here and that was 20 yrs ago, the standard has declined everywhere, corruption is rife across the industry ! Of course you know where this comes from ? They state things like ISO 9001, ISO 9000, ISO 14001, ISO 14000, ISO 2000 compliant but that is like me saying that I am a member of The Federation of Master Builders .

I’m alarmed by the statement eight-five per cent of the imported fabricated steel is non-compliant. Who is responsible – Federal or Sate Governments? Elizabeth Farrelly highlighted the use of inflammable cladding almost two years ago. Glad I live in a house built almost 100 years ago and extended 25 years ago.

Although there was some shoddy workmanship discovered just recently. Syd thats cos the councils also in allowing that type of building allowed a relaxation of building codes to persuade the builders to back the concept. These also have “light” building codes and although the builders see and salivate at the income stream they kinda forget that they will also have to fix them down the road. The system that told people “buy a new apartment, this is urban living, you’ll love it” has betrayed that trust. We now have tens of thousands of apartments affected by shoddy workmanship, rubbish materials, bad waterproofing. There’s been much talk of cracks and crackdowns after the Opal Tower fiasco forced Olympic Park residents of new apartments to spend Christmas in their cars.