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This company has been reported to the FTC by the Better Business Bureau. With any luck, this crew of thieves will be shut down. Or better yet, they should do time. 40, 000 package where they promise you riches beyond your dreams. I had the same experience in Denver in April.

Anyone reading this comment, I recommend you do this instead of attending this class. Any time that someone asks you to pay up front for a benefit you expect to receive over time, you should be wary. It is because of companies like this one. File disputes with your credit cards and hope to get your money back. What you all are sharing is pretty identical to a group out of MASS now under indictment by the FTC. Contact your state Attorney General and file complaint and also with AG in S.

Also file with the BBB in your state and theirs. Sellers Playbook is not a non-profit business. We offer training on Amazon and their ever changing rules, gates, restrictions and FBA guidelines. We assist with setting up Amazon stores correctly, because it has become a frequent occurrence that novice ecommerce entrepreneurs have had their stores shut down and even banned from Amazon platform for simple mistakes they could have avoided. Yes, we offer additional services like coaching, FBA prep and access to suppliers. Our services are not free, but they are, as with any purchase, a choice based on the needs of the individual. Although these comments are “disgruntled”, we would not expect to go into their business, demand services for free and because there was a fee for addition services automatically stomp our foot and yell “scam”.

Our product sourcing department has decades of experience and we source brand name products for our Executive Members. These relationships with suppliers take years to build. FBA prep service, coaching and software. From all the comments, stories, it sure looks like you are headed the way of FBA Stores.