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How to avoid Inheritance Tax in UK? There is nothing immoral about trying to protect your hard-earned money so that you and your family can reap the fruits in time. All major international banks, all multinational corporations, and forex trading taxes canada the great of this world are they using tax havens? Only would there not really a good reason that we take absolutely silent?

If I create a offshore company, would I be liable to a tax audit? What we preach is not illegal, there is no reason for the attention of your tax administration is awake and rebuke you. Only the actions of a criminal nature such as money laundering, tax evasion, illegal trade of weapons or drugs may interest the authorities, not the activities of law-abiding citizens seeking only to protect their assets and reduce as legally possible tax burden. Please contact us to get more information. Everything you need to know to create an offshore company Is it legal to create an offshore company?

Offshore or non-resident companies are described as companies that conduct an insubstantial or zero volume of business within their jurisdiction of incorporation. More specifically, offshore companies have three characteristics: Firstly, they should be registered as an entity within the jurisdiction of incorporation. Finally, the company should transact the major majority of business outside of the jurisdiction of incorporation. A holding company can reap the benefits of a subsidiary’s goodwill and reputation while limiting its liability to the proportion of the subsidiary’s stock that it owns. The parent company in a conglomerate corporation is usually a holding company. Holding companies allow the reduction of risk for the owners and can allow the ownership and control of a number of different companies.

How much influence will depend on ownership of the other shares? Related companies as similar to associated companies. This holding may be held because good dividends may be expected or the two companies are co-operating with each other in some area of business. Small shareholdings may be held by banks or Unit or Investment Trust companies as ingredients in their portfolio of ownership.

Which jurisdiction should I choose for my company? All the jurisdictions we work with enjoy the above mentioned advantages. However, the right choice of jurisdiction also depends on where you live and on the business you conduct. Our advisors can assist you in finding the jurisdiction that makes the most sense with regard to your personal situation. Why are your fees lower than those of your competitors?

Having our own offices or partners in the jurisdictions where we provide our services, we are able to offer straight-forward and competitive prices, given we can avoid any intermediaries. How can I settle my company fees? You can either pay by bank transfer, check or banker’s draft or also cash in our offices, if you prefer. Does my company have to provide accounts to any tax authority ? Do I need to come to your office to open my offshore company ? Our headquarters are located in Israël for practical reasons but that does not mean that you will have to travel here to open your offshore company.

Everything can be finalized by correspondence. How long will it take for me to receive my corporate documents? Every jurisdiction has its own incorporation time-frame. Once the company has been incorporated, it will generally take about 2-6 days for the corporate documents to reach you. Can I choose the name of my company? It is even recommended that you do so.