Forex robot reviews

Topics like draw downs, best settings, new arrivals, big news events will be posted the moment it becomes relevant. November 2018 has been a splendid year for our forex robots. This forex robot comes as n0. 1 in our best forex robot reviews of this month. Market conditions were good and the Piphiker EA really took off just before the holidays. Although some AUD pairs experienced the overall score was still very good and clients manages to end up in green again.

Of course you want to know if this is all true. But first let me explain what the real secret is of a good preforming forex robot. Of course there will always remain the market risk, but the more you reduce the risk the better. The Proof is in the pudding Piphiker forex robot has shown the best results in 2018 and continues to smash the charts. Check out a few of our live accounts that are using this profitable ea this year and decide for yourself if this is a strategy that you want to trade in your live account. Many consider this the best forex ea in 2018.