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A maximum of 100 feeds are allowed per mix. A mix must contain 2 or more unique feeds. Mixes cannot contain other mixes, all rssmix. Gundlach does his thing yesterday sez the Dollah, she be going to visit 94. Oh, it’s all about Powell, nuthin to do with The Bond King and right-or-wrong-in-the-end some people with OPM looking for a trade pushed it toward target. Hopefully the latter – need more volatility to rip money out of hands in which it does not belong.

10 rise in the price of crude, in Two – basically Holiday – Weeks. At the Economic Club of Washington, D. High-Low-Close data for more than a dozen currency pairs for over seventeen years of data in an Excel spreadsheet format. Looks like Trump is the only US central banker left who is still optimistic about the US economy . China US talks end with hope and tweets but nothing concrete.

Not surprisingly, “AA”, market reaction was volatile. Sentiment about future policy should not have changed much. I assume Powell will be aiming not to generate more uncertainty today. It all depends on how the markets react to the meeting notes and how Powell and company might have shaped them. I am not expecting much, but the markets sometimes have reacted strongly to the meeting minutes. Powell At the Economic Club of Washington, D.

USD is a great buy for 1. So one has to sit on this position for lengthy time with proper stop to reach this target. Trump’s opposition is full of Great Ideas. Penny for your Yenny thots — my Sunday eve post! Looks like no China deal on the horizon . Just tweets and paroles ,paroles but no deal .

WTI Crude numbers out in 30. Take profit on long EURUSD . Our Country is doing so well in so many ways. Great jobs numbers, with a record setting December. But we MUST fix our Southern Border! I posted this yesterday and 2586 has been tested again today. Amazing Trader shows next key resistance at 2586.

Once a trade agreement is signed. Bostic starts the Dovish salvos . Economy slowing down , Wallstreet concerned , mainstreet concerned etc . Seems AUD will be the winning star of the coming weeks.