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Well, drive your Ferrari and save the rest of the money by reading our next column. Hello, I have recently downloaded the app Metatrader 4 and the problem that I have, is that the “QUOTES” page, every day resets and can’t keep my markets saved. Hi guys   As I started Meta Trader 4 this morning, I’m suddenly not able to select periods and tools for a chart. These buttons are all greyed out.

Maybe this has something to do with it? Im new in code writing and i need your help please. I wrote an indicator which drawing arrows as seen in attached pics. The problem is, that sometimes the indicator giving false signals and i dont understand why. Hi all  I’m am looking for a script that will cycle through pairs. How can I automatically import and update data in Excel?

Hello Everyone,   I am a systematic trend-following trader usingforeign exchange pairs. All of my systems development work is in Excel. 5 and import it into Excel and I would like this to be an automaticprocess. Hi, I am having hard time creating a panel with the control libraries on mt4, this is the first time i am using them.

I created a rectangle lbl as background and a normal combo box to switch between buy and sell orders, i have tried a lot of ways to pull this off, but seems to have a problem. Hi, is it possible to run my own indicators and template in the webtrader? And other question: Is it possible to integrate other indicators or template in the mobile mt version? 5 decimal after dot , but  when i run Close  return me only 3  is possible  increase decimal after dot ?

I’m trying to copy a temporary . The problem is that I’m trying to find this . I tried anything but the platform does not do anything. W1 timeframes instead of the M1 timeframe which pretty much every Renko EA uses?

I’ve searched everywhere and can’t seem to find one. Hey guys, I try to optimize my indicators a little bit by implementing new MQL4 code. I have some general questions about data types. When I need a high or low of a bar, I used the data type double. But now I see that float uses only 4 bytes instead of 8 bytes used by double.