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Results are based on historical data. There is no guarantee of future performance. You should understand the risks involved with trading. Different brokers can produce different results due to spreads and liquidity. The 5 pips a day forex robot has made at least an average of 5 pips per day for over 5 years based on historical testing!

These historical back testing results show the amazing performance of the 5 pips a day forex robot over the past 7 years of testing. 9,518,177 in Monthly Average profit with a 99. You can begin trading with this automated forex trading system. There is no limit on the minimum required balance. You can adjust the lots to a suitable size for your account.

Always trade with a sensible lot size that you are comfortable with as trading does involve risks that you should be aware of if using any trading software. The table below shows how quickly making 5 pips a day can grow a trading account. 5 pips a day is suitable for beginners or experts. 7 support for all your questions and suggestions.

This is a forex robot that automatically trades the market for you using Meta Trader which is a free and downloadable trading platform. As long as you have an internet connection you can use Meta Trader to run the 5 pips a day robot. I will contact you as soon as I have opened an account to run it on. Good day Support, Thanks a lot. I have the EA working on my real account. Thanks guys for sending me the license number for trading.

I see that 5 pips a day is all about long trades while automillions is all about short trades. Been trying so long to find decent software that actually works properly and profitably. I feel much more confident about trading since using your excellent software. I hope it has brought you a lot of success selling your product. God knows you deserve it for sure. I’ve bought 2 licenses of your robot already, I quite love it.

The EA has been great so far. If you have any future updates, please let me know. Glad it has been great Brock! I just wanted to let you know that I started using your EA on live trade and so far so good. 5 pips a day is the best software that I have ever used!