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I have repeatedly submitted inquires through the customer service page asking why, but have not received any response. I did everything it said also now you have all my information and no card for me. After all my cc info was in then it wouldn’t let me go any farther. I have subscribtons I didn’t want or need. Make me happy and send my card. I just want to read my books in peace!

1, 000 gift card for free. I just got mine today and I’ve been on cloud 9 since. I went through all the steps taking meticulous notes to make sure that I didn’t get stuck with any subscriptions I didn’t want, followed the instructions line by line and when my “amazon” 1000 gift card came today, they had substituted a Visa for it so I paid off an overdue and monstrous cell phone bill! And I now have hundreds that I can spend anywhere. 00 gift card which included me buying a monthly member ship to Dollar Shave Club upon the completion of billing my credit card for membership IT DIDN’T GIVE ME ANY MORE INFORMATION REGARDING THIS 1000.

I will fill out the rest of my application on the credit card info Monday. I was told I was going to recieve a 1, 000 gift card from Amazon. I will be waiting for the card. AMAZON GIFT CARD AS YOU PROMISED!