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We will never sell or rent your email address. Here’s How Shipping Container Homes Help the Environment As people are becoming more aware of the environment, there is a lot of focus on eco-friendly products and lifestyle. The Essentials Of WISE Leadership Wouldn’t organizations, and their stakeholders, be considerably better served and represented, in a relevant, realistic, sustainable manner, if more of our leaders, were clearly, WISE? How The Overall Economy Impacts Real Estate? The late, great comedian, George Carlin, was not only, brilliant and funny, but had an amazing, unique way, of putting everyday challenges, of life and society, into some perspective, even if it might have offended, some people. Does The Film ‘Night School’ Show How Destructive Shame Can Be? The other night, whilst I was at a friend’s, I ended up watching a film called ‘Night School’.

Loss: Why Is It Harder For Some People To Handle The Loss Of A Parent? In the same way that getting older is generally part of life, experiencing loss is also part of life. New Year – New You or Old You? The New Year is a time many of us look at ourselves and our lives to see what we can do better. We look at what we’ve accomplished.