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BOD with skin in the game. Welcome to a very friendly and well informed board. Only a small amount but all count at this bargain price. I hope my patience pays off.

I’m very interested in how the grades improve with depth. Try drawing up a sensitivity analysis on a spreadsheet and see how the profits change moving from 4 to 4. If they’re fortunate to hit the forecast supply constraints for the diamond industry then it’d be transformational times. They currently have money in the bank after previous placing. I’m not expecting another placing for a while, if at all.

They have stated profitability would be achieved with 10,000 carats per annum, which looks well on course for 2019. I would expect those to be the rough ranges for the 2019 estimate. As Del Boy would say “lubbly jubbly”. Thanks Connie, will be great to see how things have progressed around Easter with the plant upgrades etc.

5 ct where you found it! Am also gathering more shares here. Angs and Aaog have treated me well recently. My first impression of the operation was of the enormous amount of optimism and enthusiasm of the people actually on the ground not those sitting on their bums back in London.

I went to the mine along with the BEE member, Willy van Wyk and their mining expert, Jock Robbie, ex de Beers where he had spent some 30 years. I would continue buying shares and today I’m still a buyer. Given the seasonality of the business and the planned work to be done on the plant it is expected that Q1 2019 tonnage will be 35,000 to 45,000 tonnes. Are you still in close contact? Think the target is 350k for 2019, though I’ve seen the 400k mentioned too. Perhaps aiming to underpromise and overdeliver.

In any case, substantial uplift in production. I’m rather bemused we are still below the placing price especially after the higher than expected grades RNS. If the Q4 figures are consistent with that 4. 5cpht average for KV1 then 2019 will be a very good year indeed. Anything upwards of 4cpht is stellar in my book.

Last year January update was 14th January so may be a couple of weeks yet. Q4 update RNS due on Monday. 5 kpht for KV1, and 3 kpht for KV2. Maintenance work on equipment expected to take place during 3 week Christmas break.