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Auto Mouse Clicker to Bring You Ease and Joy Auto-click without pressing the mouse buttons! It performs the same clicks you forex auto money game automatically when you are not by the computer.

It frees you from repeated work that requires a lot of clicking and spare you more time for stuff you are into. You can always count on Free Auto Clicker to finish your clicking job. All Things You May Need Free Auto Clicker presents you every feature that may come useful. Y Coordinate of the clicking point. You can record multiple clicking points and save them as a script for later and repeated use.

Time interval between each click can be changed and you can even set a schedule to stop the clicking. Protect Your Health Repeated clicking can cost you a fortune by damaging your mouse while it is also painful by causing wrist joints numb, swelling, etc. Free Auto Clicker can save your mouse from wear and tear and protect your health so that you will neither need to keep buying new mice nor seek help from doctors. Free Auto Clicker has lived through years of cutthroat competition to become today’s one of the best mouse clicker software. Free Auto Mouse Clicker Free Auto Clicker is handy to automatically clicking your mouse buttons, making mouse clicks faster and more accurate.