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See more trades and director dealings. Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. I’m surprised there is not any comments on this firm.

Surely there must more like me who are we well down but have kept the faith. Let’s hope the Olympic contract win is the start of a flow of good news. On the way back this one! Hi BB yes I also feel the strong dollar helps AGK whilst we await ACA’s return.

I see Stock Abc found an interesting article for Aca, good news hopefully over there too very soon. HSBC raise recommendation from Hold to BUY. Hi Dabbler, yes as sterling is falling this share is being helped as very much an international company. To be honest the Chairman’s statements have in recent years been a little bit played down until now so he seems to have surprised everyone with his sudden uplift in stance and projected earnings.

As he has always previously played it safe and has been very conservative with his comments, I believe his projections. Bought in this morning as the momentum does seem strong. If promises are held it should be good for the next five years. AGK to power Ryder Cup in Sept. Currently powering the Euro Olympics and now also awarded the Sept 2018 Ryder Cup Contract. I see this share now returning to Financial Houses buy lists after the Chairman’s statement of double digit mid teens growth earnings by 2010!

Could be a fund manager as many are now in this share and they are covering it like a rash! Looks like a very good share to own for a growth account. Time will tell but this share still has a long way to go. What with the winter Olympic figs being added in for the next results, just wondering if any Trump deal encourages growth for N. As Aggreko were out there for the winter Olympics this may help them for growth going forward in this developing market?

Sorry meant “Actually” and 2018 figs. I cannot wactuaqlly wait for the Q1 208 figs which wuill be more inline with earnings! If I was a shorter I would be quite worried as we approach Q2, as clearly Aggreko report in a safety mode as they will already be aware of the increased earnings for Q1. Lots of people up north also without power during the recent snow storm and thaw-an increaed bonus! What planet do you live on? I hooe your short is getting toasted right now.