Currency trading tax preparation

No Walk-in clients should be registered as client or allowed to trade. On expression of wish for becoming a client by any person, a copy of Client Registration Form along with other documents currency trading tax preparation forms will be forwarded to the client. The copy of the CRF will also be accompanied with the list of documents and additional documents or proofs required.

Client Registration Form after being signed and filled by the Client will be received at our Client Registration department. At the client registration department, the documents are checked and only after they are found proper they will be counter signed by us. The client code generated will be communicated to the client after completion of entire procedure. A prospective client will be allowed to trade only on satisfactorily submission of required documentary proof and proper signing of documents. As far as possible, no clients will be registered without personal contact. In addition to personal contact, for client identification, proper address and identity proof as prescribed by SEBI as per Uniform Documentary Requirement will be obtained from the client.

PAN number and a Copy of PAN card will be compulsorily obtained from the client. No trading will be allowed unless the proof of PAN proof is submitted by the client. The procedure as prescribed for registration of Approved Person’s will be followed. Brokerage will be shared with the respective Approved person only after the Approval of Registration by the Exchange. NCFM certificate will be collected and verified with the original.

If the user fails to renew the certificate then he would not be allowed to operate the same any further. The renewed copy of the certificate will be re-obtained and verified with original. The guidelines laid down by the Exchange for Approved User and Location of trading terminal will be strictly followed. It would be made sure that there is no issue of trading terminals to unauthorized persons or at unauthorized locations. The data regarding new user as well as modification in existing user should be immediately uploaded and documented on modification or issue to the new user as the case may be. Any exposure to the client will be subject to the collection of adequate margins from the clients. The margins collected would be as per the requirements of the Exchange.