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Enjoy the process of learning with us! The file was sent to your e-mail address. The answer is simple: currencies of various countries. All participants of the market buy one currency and pay another one for it. Each Forex trade is performed by different financial instruments, like currencies, metals, etc. Major currencies are quoted against the U. The first currency of the pair is called base currency and the second one – quoted.

Currency pairs that do not include USD are called cross-rates. Forex Market opens wide opportunities for newcomers to learn, communicate, and improve trading skills via the Internet. This Forex tutorial is intended for providing thorough information about Forex trading and making it easy for the beginners to get involved. Trading Forex Any activity in the financial market, such as trading Forex or analyzing the market requires knowledge and strong base. Anyone who leaves this in the hands of luck or chance, ends up with nothing, because trading online is not about luck, but it is about predicting the market and making right decisions at exact moments.